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For the last two years (2010, 2011), a Superconductivity Summit meeting has been held which gathers people and NY State entities interested in superconductivity. The meeting involves all aspects of superconductivity including power, medical and computer and electronic applications. NYSCDC members HYPRES and SuperPower have been major participants and organizers of the past meetings. The meeting will be held at CNSE on behalf of NYSCDC members and NYSERDA. Contact MTECH for more information. Planning meetings are scheduled for the near future.

Because of a delay in approval of the funding, tentative plans have been moved to late the fall or winter. One suggestion is late January after all the holidays. Two days are planned, one dedicated to large scale power applications, the other to small scale technologies that will have major impact in reducing power. Part of the meeting will be dedicated to cryogenic computing and quantum computing.

Major participants may include NYSCDC members, Con Edison, representatives of DOD, NASA, Navy, NSF, DOE, and State officials. There has been a very strong interest from the business, research and academic community at large. Participation of downstate businesses and universities is encouraged.

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