About the NYSCDC

The NYSCDC (or SCDC for short) is an informal consortium started as the result of a NYSERDA-funded program on superconducting and cryogenic datacenters. The group is currently coordinated by MTECH Laboratories and involves a number of key players active in the technology both on the business and academic side who have a strong interest in the general topic. Members of this group have also been a major catalyst behind the yearly NY State Superconductivity Summit.

The NYSCDC was formed to promote and support emerging technologies for datacenters of the future. The technologies of interest include (but are not limited to), cryogenics, superconductivity, cryogenic electronics, quantum computing, and efficient cryogenic power systems supporting the needs of large data centers of the future. The mission of the SCDC consortium is (1) to provide a credible source of information to NY State agencies and other funding entities and (2) to spur collaboration among members which may lead to joint programs, proposals etc.


The NY-SCDC was founded by MTECH Labs, a pioneer in the field of Cryogenic Power Conversion. Click on the logo for more information.

The consortium provides an open forum for discussing recent developments as well as funding opportunities in this emerging field. Members have much in common and team up with respect to proposals, information-sharing, or providing consultation, expertise, or equipment.

The consortium strives to be effective, not wasting members' valuable time or resources with a constant barrage of emails.

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