MTECH is developing innovative technologies in a number of diverse fields.  :: ::about/research-interests Product development, evaluation, and promotion.:: ::services/new-venture-support-services MTECH provides technical and business writing services :: ::services/writing-services
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MTECH has developed a number of unique solutions to aid in testing and development, along with high-performance devices for a wide variety of fields.

MTECH Products


MTECH offers a wide range of component and materials testing services, specializing in extreme environments, as well as business development services.

MTECH Services


MTECH's partners offer a number of products and services ranging from energy efficient components and devices to technical animation.

MTECH Partners

MTECH provides advanced engineering solutions, technical services, and now business development services to many diverse fields. MTECH is a broadly-based company drawing on experience in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies. Our expertise ranges from power electronics and magnetics to materials research and animation. MTECH is a pioneer in the field of cryogenic power electronics, and is one of the only companies in the world developing high-power cryogenic inverters for integration with superconducting cables, motors, and generators.

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